The various types and usages of custom lanyards

The society today has a myriad of showcasing one’s personality, ideals or even their profession. For certain people, it’s all about a person’s appearance that brings initial interest. This is more evidently shown in their fashion senses. They present themselves with a particular brand.

You may ask, “How do I showcase myself?” You are lucky because we are a group of people who are known to be experts in this particular field. We may suggest you a way of presenting yourself by the usage of custom lanyards.

What is a custom lanyard anyway? An interesting fact about lanyards is that the term used for it is unfamiliar to many people.ID-Lanyards Its origin dates back from the beginning of the navy. In nautical terms, it’s a rope that is pulled to fire a cannon from a ship. But now in modern times, you see it almost every day in every domain like school, work, etc.
It’s like your I.D. lace.

Custom lanyards are not just for holding your I.D. They can be used for self-expression. This is how they fit into fashion. For example, if you are into music, your lanyard can be customized in a way that it represents your favorite band or musical artist. Its design can be that certain band’s logo, or maybe the band members themselves. It simply depends on your preferences.

Custom lanyards can also be used to represent your point of view. It can help you in letting the world know about the issues you care about. For instance you can get a lanyard for breast cancer awareness. But do not think that lanyards have to be the standard branded cloth design. As we’ve indicated before, lanyards can be designed in any way you want it to look like. Lanyard designers always have a variety of styles, sizes and materials used in making a customized lanyard. They can make lanyards that meet the needs and preferences of their client.

The customized lanyard and badge designs are not merely just for I.D.’s, they can also be available on:

  • Membership cards.Lanyards
  •  Key ring lanyards.
  •  Cell phone lanyards.
  • Badge holders.
  •  Light up lanyards. (These are LED flash lanyards that show off your taste in technology.)
  • Water bottle lanyards.
  •  Blank lanyards (yes, even blank ones are available. It’s probably if you want to design it yourself.)
  •  Ball pen lanyards (For easier access to a writing instrument.)
  • USB lanyards (For easy access to your data)
  • The comfortable poncho lanyards.
  •  Wrist straps.
  • Transfer print lanyards.
  • Glow print lanyards.
  • The high, broad lanyards for prominent displaying the name or logo of the company you represent.
  •  Satin strip lanyards. (For comfort.)
  •  PVC lanyard (For durability.)
  •  Standard printed.

For individuals who are environmentally conscious, here are other options for customizing your lanyards and badges:

  •  Bamboo lanyards.
  •   Plant silk lanyards.
  •   Milk protein fiber lanyards.
  •  Recycled pet lanyards.

The ideas are remarkably endless! You just have to tell us how you want your customized item to look like.And if you prefer certain materials in making your lanyard, here are the different types of lanyard that are often used:

  •  Polyester lanyards (the most common and popular type.)
  •   Tubular lanyards (shoestring style lanyard.)
  •  Woven lanyards (the logos and text are woven.)
  •   Nylon lanyards (the materials used are shiny and high quality.)
  •   Dye sub lanyards (full color and photos are used.)

When it comes to the color used:

  •   Single color screen print (more applicable to woven lanyards.)
  •   Full color design or logo.

The lanyards today are large enough to carry the necessary information such as the company’s logo as well as the name. With recent innovations in digital printing, it is now possible to have the preferred logo and length of the lanyard. Color variations, dye sublimation and multitude of other printing technologies have given the lanyards of today an aestheticallure.

How and where to purchase custom lanyards:

One of the best things about customized items is that since it is popular, purchasing them is not that difficult. You can now order them through online shopping. Many businesses cater to customizing items so searching for high quality and affordable products are easy.

If you wish to make your search even easier, simply visit wholesalelanyards.

Making Your Golf Shoes Walk A Little Farther: Maintenance And Cleaning

Golf shoes may be the most important golfing equipment any golfer has. More than his own set of clubs, his personal caddy or even if he owns a golf cart, his shoes is perhaps his most vital weapon every time he plays golf. Most of the times, people only have one pair of golf shoes and use it every time they play golf. It is therefore no surprise that most golf shoes wear off over time.Usually, soles get destroyed, or insoles grow molds and make the golf shoes just unusable after a certain amount of time.

It is therefore no surprise that golf shoes get destroyed after only a few months of buying them. And add that to the fact that shoes are a bit on the pricey side and that results to a problem especially to any golf enthusiast.

There are however ways in which one can take care of their golf shoe to extend its life span to its maximum.

Here are some simple tips that you can use to take care of your golf shoes:

First, always use a shoe horn when storing your shoes. Golf shoes are pretty soft, especially the toe part, and therefore get out of shape very easily. That’s why it is highly recommended to always store your shoes with shoe horns at the end in order to avoid the golf shoes getting misshapen.

GolfNext, always remember to put foot powder on your shoes. Especially when you have really sweaty feet, the shoes have a strong possibility of retaining the odor of the feet that last wore them. The same holds true for the advice to wear socks especially when wearing them. When the feet sweats, the soles usually stick to the insoles of the shoe and might remove the insole from the base. Dried sweat on the insoles left untreated is what causes the foul smell on the shoes.

Third, you can scrub the debris and mud off by just using an old toothbrush and water. There is no need to scrub vigorously when cleaning the shoes as it has the possibility of ruining or scraping the outer material off the shoes. Always remember that golf shoes are mostly leather and so vigorous and reckless scrubbing of the outside can really damage the leather easily.

Golf ShoesMoreover, always remember to store your golf shoes in a cool and airy place. Most golfers tend to keep their shoes inside their golf bags. This is a wrong move as there is a high possibility of mold growing inside the shoe as molds thrive in a damp and sweaty environment. Storing the shoes in a cool and airy area allows the sweat to evaporate and air to circulate inside the shoe which also releases any unwanted odors inside them.

If the shoes were used when trudging in the pond or any other wet areas, be sure to stuff them with paper immediately. This is to dry the insides faster and also to avoid mold growth inside the shoes.

Golf clubsFinally, never use a hair dryer or put your shoes inside the washer or dryer. Remember that these shoes are leather and so placing them inside the washer can damage the material. Using the hair dryer to dry them can also damage the material. Air drying is always a good way to dry your shoes. There is no shortcut to drying your golfing shoes. Golf shoe might be very expensive and delicate, but with the proper care and maintenance, their lifespan and use can really go a long way. It’s all a matter of patience and extra attention on them.

Rockbottomgolf are provide new discount shoes and sandals for men and women. Golf shoes may be the most important golfing equipment any golfer has. 

PCBNet: Different Methods In PCB Production

PCB or Printed Circuit Board is a mechanical assembly mainly composed of layers of insulating material (ceramic, heat-resistant plastic, fiberglass, or other dielectric material) laminated with etched patterns of copper. This board is used in mounting electronic components in a stiff manner appropriate for packaging. It is sometimes called PWB or Printed Wiring Board.

PCBNet has a reputation of being one of the country’s most experienced and successful PCB suppliers. We never fail to provide customers with reliable and top-class products, unbeatable pricing and quick turnaround. Our growing list of clients includes HP, Motorola, Whirlpool, Intel, Sony Electronics and more.

PCB Manufacturing Methods

PCB AssemblyThere are different methods to make printed circuit boards and choosing a method mainly depends on the complexity of the project and the quantity of PCBs that you requested. At PCBNet, we use state-of-the-art equipment in a neat and orderly process, so we can maintain the quality of our products all throughout the assembly process.


Etching is perhaps the most inexpensive and easiest method of all. In this process, the unwanted copper is removed from the plated board using chemicals, such as ammonium persulphate or ferric chloride. You should have a resist or a mask to put on the areas where you want copper to remain after etching. These areas are the copper traces that transmit electricity between devices. Below are the possible solutions you can use:

Ammonium Persulphate

This is a dry, easily-mixed etchant usually used for copper-clad PCBs and other materials that bear copper. When used together with a catalyst, a highly consistent etching rate can be sustained throughout its bath life. Once mixed, the life of the bath can practically last for about 3 weeks and its copper capacity is around 4-5 ounces per gallon of etchant.

Pros of Ammonium Persulphate

• You can rinse this etchant easily. It does not also leave any residue in the water.

• It won’t stain your skin, tanks or clothes

• It can reach a rapid etching speed and can maintain a constant etching rate if used in conjunction with the catalyst

Cons of Ammonium Persulphate

• Once mixed, ammonium persulphate has a maximum tank life of only three weeks, whether used or not

• This etchant attacks linen, wool, cotton and other natural fibers.

Ferric Chloride

Although messy, ferric chloride is cheaper and easier to procure than other alternatives. This etchant can attack all metals, even stainless steel. Due to this, it is recommended to use a ceramic or plastic sink with plastic screws and fittings, and seal all metal screws with silicone when you are setting up the etching area for the PCB. Cover the water pipes in plastic if they are dripped or splashed with copper. You may also cover the tray or tank when it’s not in use.

Pcb fabricationIf you opt to use ferric chloride as your etchant, always choose the hexahydrate type, which comes in light yellow powder. Dissolve it in tepid water until all the granules are dissolved. Add a teaspoon of salt to make the mixture clearer so you can inspect it more easily.

Always take necessary precautions to prevent splashing when you are dissolving the etchant. It has the tendency to clomp together into large chunks and splash the solution as it comes out of the container, thus, it is a good idea to wear protective gloves and glasses as the mixture can irritate your eyes and leave permanent stain on your clothes.

Methods to Prepare the PBC Prior to the Etching Process

PCBNet provides PCB assembly, fabrication and other services as soon as you have the board layout ready. If you haven’t completed one yet, here’s a quick overview of the methods you can use:

Manual / Direct Draw

PCBManual or direct draw method is most suitable for simple designs. It uses a resist pen in drawing the circuit. In some cases, you can use specialty tapes and donuts to lay out the traces of the circuit directly on the board’s surface. This is the fastest way to create a board circuit pattern.


This method is recommended for producing high-quality PCBs in a quick and efficient manner. This is particularly used for professional prototypes. In this method, a resist material is used to cover the PCB when exposed to UV light. The quality of the artwork produced using this method depends on both the media being used and the output device.

After completing the board design and layout, and have all relevant data put together, you can contact us here at PCBNet and we’ll be delighted to work with you during the fabrication process.

Having a Lifestyle Guru with Motivational-Speaker-Success

Are you looking for some motivation to keep doing what you want to do in life? Well, we all have that time when we lose hope and think negatively. Sometimes, we let the darkness swallow us whole and pitifully do nothing. The thing here is that you can actually do something to avoid getting swallowed by negativities in life. For instance, you can work with a motivational speaker to get inspired. At motivational-speaker-success, you will be given the benefit of the doubt because we always see the best in someone who thinks he can’t do better.

Lifestyle gurus or what we call lifestyle coach, lifestyle consultant, or lifestyle trainer is what we need in order to organize our life. These are the right professionals to work with when it comes to motivational insights and tips. In fact, our main goal here is to provide assurance to every client that they will succeed and be in the power to run their lives. You don’t need to feel small because our self-help programs are in place to support your confidence improvement. We are the right people to provide you advice in terms of goal achievements and changed lives. Because our lifestyle is an essential factor that contributes to our personality and success, we are here to ensure that you are practicing the ideal routine you need.

Choosing the Right Motivational Speaker Available

Did you even know that celebrities are also fond of working with lifestyle gurus to guide them in choosing the best options when it comes to staying happy and healthy? With that, we are glad to inform you that our team of professional motivational speakers and lifestyle gurus are here to help you live a better lifestyle at the best worth. The abundant benefits offered by these programs are in fact helpful in attaining your goals and dreams in life. Know how you can transform your life and get better opportunities in life through working with motivational-speaker-success today.

Now, experience how it is to work with an excellent motivational speaker with us and find how easy it is to achieve your goals. For organizations and companies, our keynote speakers can grace your seminars and conferences with the best insights to inspire the entire audience. As your reliable keynote speaker, we will entertain your audience in research-driven and customized programs. After choosing to work with us, you will experience premium breakout sessions and keynotes that you exactly want. If you have unique requirements, you can access customized programs that will certainly meet your goals and needs.

At motivational-speaker-success, we deliver result-driven and serious information along with professionally-honed humor. Of course, when it comes to entertainment, our programs are designed to offer interesting and engaging speaking engagements with various audiences. The provocative and entertaining delivery styles that we use are in fact very effective in making participants more involved.

Things to Benefit from Motivational-Speaker-Success

KeynoteIf you want a dependable partner when it comes to satisfactory speaking programs, it’s important to consider some factors before choosing a company. In fact, it is our forte to help you understand why it’s essential to have a motivational speaker during conferences as well as seminars. Always choose the one who can provide insightful, educational, entertaining, and engaging programs wherein audiences don’t find it boring. We actually know how professionals want to hear inspiring lectures they can use to improve their productivity and skills.

With that, our impressive and talented speakers will show you the value of motivation and passion in reaching our goals. No matter how hard it is to attain our aspirations in life, with a supportive guide, we are sure to succeed in all endeavors we wish to overcome. Just listen and absorb the insights in order for you to understand the value of keynote speakers during corporate occasions and school events. We all have the responsibility to choose the right speaker for our conferences. But with us, you don’t need to look any further because we are ready to provide you with the ideal services you currently need.

Save your effort and time by calling us today. We offer free quotes and other helpful material so that you will know if we are the right company to work with. Through fast, reliable and entertaining speakers, you are guaranteed to achieve all the objectives you have set for the whole seminar. Also, we can provide other engaging activities to ensure that the audience is learning what the speaker is imparting. Go check our website for more details.

The Benefits That Come From Using Real HCG Drops

hcgIntroducing a lifestyle change into your system is a difficult task. No matter how you slice it, things can end up becoming a very difficult thing to manage. Finding a way to balance everything and create something that will last through results and more, is not something that you can do overnight. Even though there are some that can wake up and consider moving into a healthier lifestyle, things can still become mired through a variety of different synapses. If you find yourself looking into a difficult task, or any sort of issue that relies heavily on your involvement, you are going to find that you can end up with diminished returns. Even if you were to use supplements like real hcg drops, you could end up missing out if you don’t pay attention to a few things. It’s with that in mind that you should consider looking at the benefits that come with using this supplement, plus adding exercise and diet into the fold. With these three elements put together, you are going to end up seeing a huge jump forward, and that’s the best thing that you are going to be able to sustain moving forward, that’s for sure.

Sustainable Weight Loss 


Sustainable Weight LossThe biggest benefit that comes from using real hcg drops and working with natural elements of fitness is that the weight loss is not something that is a flash in the pan. Sometimes you will end up going forward within the world of fitness and see immediate results, and that’s because you’re losing water weight. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you are going to end up seeing a jump back to your normal weight if you stay on that path. The reason why it’s a bad thing is simple, you are not going with a natural solution. HCG is natural, and it helps the body go forward into the 100% homeostasis that it requires to accomplish the bigger goal of losing weight. Anyone can make the numbers change on the scale, but to get something that last takes more than just initial losses.

Natural Metabolism Boost 


Natural Metabolism BoostAs for metabolism, you are going to find that you need to look into something that will help. That’s where real hcg drops really shine. They help with the enzyme that burns through the fat cells in your system. When you do that, you are going to end up with a positive endeavor. Eliminating fat cells within the body is the crucial thing that is going to allow for something grand to occur. You’re going to find that the development of cycles thrown through the metabolism can be the difference maker overall. This is something that is going to definitely give you a huge jump where other things may not necessarily end up.

Fast Results 


hcg_fast_resultAnother thing that you should consider when you’re looking into the benefits of using real hcg drops, is that you will see the results that come from it fast. When you are working with a holistic option, you are going to see that the body reacts favorably. It does so through the use of several different elements. Focusing on results that last is hard at first glance, but it’s easy when you start to navigate the seas of change that come with balance. Balancing your exercise, diet, and this supplement is going to kick in the metabolic rate that you have into a higher level. That means that you will see results, and you’re going to sustain a brighter future overall. It’s something that definitely pays off dividends, and something that you will definitely want to explore on a deeper level.